ZIA Youth

1,204 Miles For Youth!! Proceeds to ZIA Youth Center Raton


What is 1,204 Miles For Youth?

Glad you asked! It is 1.204 miles from Raton, NM (where ZIA Youth is located) to Cincinnati, Ohio. Jeff McLean is making the trek there, on foot. His partner, Linda Headley will drive the support vehicle for the 43 days it will take to get there. The trip was already planned as a road trip so they could run the Flying Pig Marathon (Jeff, obviously) and 5K (Linda). Then Jeff had an idea, why not make it a fundraiser and have an adventure?

Is Jeff crazy? 1,204 miles is a LONG way.

Yes. Jeff is crazy. But he is also passionate about helping the youth in his town have a safe, fun environment while not in school. 

Where is ZIA Youth located?

Good question. ZIA youth is still in the early stages of development. We are currently looking for a building to operate out of. In the meantime, we need startup funds. This money will get programs set up, pay for initial costs to get a building up to code, stock food for daily meals, etc. ZIA Youth will be located in Raton, NM. 

Who are Jeff and Linda?

Jeff and Linda are two members of the ZIA Youth Executive Committee. They are also on the ZIA Youth Board.  Furthermore, they will be two of the people operating ZIA youth from the beginning on a volunteer basis.  Jeff has lived in New Mexico since 2013 and in Raton since January 2018. Linda is a 3rd generation Ratonian and was 1993 graduate of Raton High. Want to know more? Shoot us an email with any questions.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help. The most obvious is to make a monetary donation to this fundraiser. (see link below) You can also support us by subscribing to our 1204 blog and social media. Sharing and liking the blog often will also get the word out to others who can also help. Have a talent or passion that you would like to share or teach? Let us know! Have furniture, computers, printers, musical instruments, art supplies, clothes, aluminum cans, gold bars, cooking utensils, prom dresses to donate? Let us know!